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Advanced Audiology provides a variety of services for patients including and not limited to:

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Compensation and Pension
Exams for Veterans


  • Full service records review

  • Full audiometric testing for Compensation and Pension exams

  • Written medical opinions and report within 24 hours of the Veteran's appointment.

Legislation and law. Procedure for makin

Nexus Letters for Veterans

  • Full Nexus letters for all Conditions including Hearing loss, Tinnitus, Meniere's Disease, Vertigo, and all conditions secondary to these such as migraines secondary to tinnitus.

  • IMO and Full Nexus Opinions for previously denied or newly opened claims. 

  • Nexus Letters for Tinnitus as secondary to TBI.

  • Analysis of clinical audiometric testing

  • New audiometric testing with full scope of compensation and pension test battery

  • New written report based on current scientific data for hearing loss/tinnitus

Worker's compensation claim form applica

Worker's Compensation Claims
for Hearing Loss/Tinnitus

SSA/SSI Claims Assistance

  • Review of medico-legal documents for Worker's Compensation cases

  • Analysis of clinical audiometric testing

  • Perform new audiometric testing or monitoring

  • Depositions

  • Provide court testimony

  • Provide Interrogatories and In person testimony. 

  • In-person SSA/SSI Exams for Disability.

  • Hearing Conservation Exams

Areas of Expertise
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